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  1. Delhi-based singer tries to popularise Hindi poems through music

    Radioandmusic.com - Music 10.06 / 17:31 radioandmusic.com
    MUMBAI: Chinmayi Tripathi, a Delhi-based singer-songwriter, has initiated 'The Music & Poetry Project' to popularise Hindi poems through music. The first one in the series is Khushgappiyan, written by contemporary writer and poet Anamika. "I have decided to release songs as singles, so there is no particular date," Tripathi, 27, told IANS. As far as the response goes, the basic expectation is that "people will be drawn to Hindi Literature more, this is just a small effort towards…
  2. Poem: Benediction for the heavy heart

    Uuworld.org - Religion 10.06 / 12:10 uuworld.org
    Mason Bolton Breathe. For yourself. For each…
  3. Mapping Seattle, poem by poem

    Pbs.org - Arts&Culture 10.06 / 08:13 pbs.org
    Seattle has a new way of mapping itself — through the so-called “Poetic Grid,” an online map of the city from the voices of people who live there. Claudia Castro Luna dreamed up the idea in 2015, when she became Seattle’s first civic poet. WATCH: Navigating Seattle’s ever-evolving streets through poetry Castro Luna wanted a way to capture the rapidly changing city and asked people to write about specific locations that had meaning to them. We met with her in …