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  1. News24.com | Morgue workers in Tanzania jailed for stealing drugs from corpse's stomach

    News24.com - Africa 05.27 / 19:19 www.news24.com
    Tanzanian police have said that they had arrested two morgue employees in Dar es Salaam after they admitted to cutting open a dead man's corpse and stealing the drugs hidden in his…
  2. Experiencing the ultimate bush adventure in Tanzania

    Africageographic.com - Travel 05.26 / 13:31 africageographic.com
    Mdonya Old River Camp in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, has been closed for the rains of April and May, and also for refurbishing. We open again very soon on 1st June and can’t wait to meet our incoming guests. There are loads of animals around as it has been so quiet here, so there’s plenty to see. Read more › The post Experiencing the ultimate bush adventure in Tanzania appeared first on Africa Geo…