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  1. Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: Let Wall Street Build and Operate America

    Slate.com - Lifestyle 05.25 / 00:27 slate.com
    As recently as Monday, few campaign promises looked deader than Donald Trump’s trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. How dead? So dead that the market for municipal bonds, which had cratered in the two weeks after election day, had come crawling back as bond-buyers realized that no big plans were afoot. “Investors are less optimistic that the administration will implement its pro-growth agenda that includes hefty spending on infrastructure at the state and local level and tax reform,” …
  2. Wall Street rises, S&P at record high, US$ falls on Fed minutes

    Thestar.com.my - Business 05.24 / 23:02 thestar.com.my
    NEW YORK: Wall Street rose, while the U.S. dollar and bond yields fell on Wednesday after Federal Reserve meeting minutes signaled a gradual approach to interest rate hikes, and oil prices dipped on a draw of U.S. gasoline stocks that was smaller than…
  3. Wall Street’s workforce is slowly and relentlessly shrinking

    Compliancex.com - Business 05.24 / 22:44 compliancex.com
    It’s relentless. Every year, the number of bankers and traders employed by the largest banks on Wall Street shrinks a little. Headcount across investment banking, equities and fixed-income trading at the top 12 banks dropped by 1,900 from the first quarter of 2016 to the first quarter of 2017, a fall of 3%, according to new data from industry consultant Coalition. The data includes: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman …
  4. DeFazio rips taxpayer bailout of Wall Street

    OregonLive-Politics 05.24 / 22:33 oregonlive.com
    U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon, ramped up his rhetoric questioning a $700 billion bailout to the financial sector on the House floor today. Here is text of what he said: "2007 was a great year on Wall Street. Bonuses…
  5. Final Wall Street: Dow closes at 21,012.42, up 74.51 points

    Brandonsun.com - Business 05.24 / 21:22 www.brandonsun.com
    Dow Jones Industrials High: 21,022.82 Low: 20,933.58 Close: 21,012.42 Change: +74.51 Other Indexes Standard&Poors 500 Index: 2404.39 +5.97 NYSE Index: 11,621.23 +16.61 Nasdaq Composite Index: 6163.02 +24.31 NYSE MKT Composite: 2602.23 +13.03 Russell 2000 Index: 1382.51…
  6. Robo-Advisors Battle Wall Street for Rich Investors

    Thetrustadvisor.com - Technology 05.24 / 20:19 thetrustadvisor.com
    Citigroup Inc. doesn’t think its richer customers will drop their high-priced money managers in favor of automated investing, but Betterment LLC is betting it can prove the big bank wrong. The robo-advisor—the largest among independent digital advice startups that popped up after the 2008 financial collapse—has overhauled its entire brand. The shift in marketing and advertising strategy is aimed at attracting more […] The post Robo-Advisors Battle Wall Street for Rich Investors appear…